THE cheapest & most environmentally surface spray!

Why not find an old spray bottle and fill it up with water and use as a surface cleaner?

A while back I would be permanently spraying my kitchen surfaces with Cif or an equivalent spray cleaner, and then it occurred to me it might be healthier for me and my family, and for the environment to use an alternative. I then got addicted to using Huggies wipes for my surfaces and had to wean myself off those as I felt guilty about the amount I was getting through and the effect of that on landfill! So then I started using Method, thinking it would be a lot healthier and more environmentally friendly... but after a while I found the odour way too over powering, and I'm sure it was making me feel a bit nauseous and even breathless! I then decided to try filling up an old bottle with good old plain tap water and using that with kitchen towel (which I then put in the paper recycling) on my surfaces, and to my astonishment, it seems to work just as effectively as the other spray cleaners, just without all the nasty chemicals! Plus, it's saved me so much money too! Definitely worth a try! xx

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