Sick of your kids being sick!? Then read on...

I have had both kids off quite a bit this term with various viruses and decided to take action and see what I could do to make them a bit healthier. I have always really believed in probiotics and having a healthy gut flora, and take Kefir myself on a regular basis. I have tried to give it to my kids but they hate the taste! (I don't blame them to be honest!) I did some research and found these Proven Probiotics made specially for kids aged 4-16. They are in the form of a chewable strawberry tablet (my kids love them!) and each one contains 12.5 billion friendly bacteria. They claim to reduce school absenteeism by 30%!! That is what sold me! You can buy them on Amazon, 30 tablets are £13.14. I also try to give my children products containing healthy bacteria like probiotic yoghurts, I like Yeo Valley.

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