Tips on how to keep cool in the heatwave...

With the temperatures set to rise to almost 40 degrees in the UK this week, we are all going to be looking for ways to keep cool! You could try some of these tips: 

- keep the curtains closed in your house during the day to stop the sun seeping in

- try and sit in a room which does not have direct sunlight

- stock up on ice lollies: great for cooling down and hydrating too

 - freeze some ice-cubes, great for sucking on (older kids) and rubbing over your face / body too!

- use fans: put iced water in front of them for even more cooling

- house plants: they are natural air con units!

- dampen your bed sheets before getting in

- turn all appliances and lights etc off

- keep doors and windows open to allow air to circulate especially at cooler times like the morning, evening and night...

- have a cold bath or dip in the paddling pool (in the shade)

- keep out of the direct sun

- wear a cap and / or sunglasses / sunscreen if you have to go out

- most cars have air con so if you really need to cool down you could get in and turn the air con on....

for more see:

And remember to drink LOTS of water, and keep an eye out for your pets too (just been putting ice in the goldfish bowl!) and make sure they have plenty of water and are not too hot. 

Lucy xx

ps remember to keep the goldfish tank out of direct sunlight as that can be a fire risk


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