Want a new TV drama to get stuck in to? Then read on...

If you like me, you love to collapse on to the sofa after a long day and fancy a bit of escapism via good TV drama, then you could try watching pretty much anything on Walter Presents, on demand on Channel 4. All the dramas featured here are foreign with English subtitles. The platform is named after an Italian called Walter Luzzolina, who selects it's fabulous content. My husband and I have now watched around five dramas on there, and it's some of the best TV we have ever seen... totally gripping and with fabulous acting. Our favourites are 'Before We Die' (a compelling swedish thriller featuring an undercover agent working to uncover ruthless criminal organisations), 'Moscow Noir' (a pulsating stylish thriller set in Moscow in 1999), 'The Adulterer' (an affair that leads to devastating consequences), One Last Chance (a french drama featuring a child kidnap), and A Deadly Union (an addictive whodunnit set in the french riviera). There are loads more we want to watch too! They are just a little bit different, and we strangely enjoy the subtitles... it's nice to watch a drama set in another country a different language. Highly recommend anything on this platform!

*none of my blogs are sponsored in anyway, and I don't pretend to be an expert... I just feature things I enjoy! : - )

pic: Adam Palsson, who is the lead actor in both Moscow Noir and Before We Die, he is fab!

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