Worth watching....

Just started watching Joanna Lumley's INDIA on catch up - it's brilliant! 

I love India. I studied monkey behaviour (of bonnet macaques) there for several weeks when I was a student (I am an animal biologist by training!) and have travelled across Rajastan and Kerala. Such vibrant colours, smells and sounds - an explosion of the senses! I would love to go back again and take lots of photographs.... but as that won't be for a while, this programme is the closest I am going to get! Totally transports you there and I find that refreshing and relaxing. So interesting seeing and learning about other cultures. And Joanna Lumley is great - she has such a lovely way about it her... I love that she's a little eccentric! And wow does she look amazing! She and this series are an inspiration. 

Hope you enjoy it as much as I am. 


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