What I'm watching... The World's Most Extraordinary Homes

Love this series with Caroline Quentin and architect Piers Taylor featuring the world's most extraordinary homes. I thought they would be houses I've already seen a zillion times on other programmes, but they are soOOO different and unlike any I have EVER set eyes on! The design of them, and IN them is truly mind blowing! I love this episode in Spain in particular, the circular 'O' house in which the outside is the inside... and the 'house of the three sisters' where all the cousins can play and grow up together in the courtyard, it's just breathtakingly brilliant... although of course it is after all how we evolved to live, surrounded by family, everyone helping to rear each other's kids (genes!)... but that's a discussion for another time (though I do touch on it in a previous blog post here), anyway, I really recommend watching this! You can find it on catch up here. Happy watching/dreaming x

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