What you can do to help a dust mite allergy

My son was really miserable for a few months with terrible rhinitis which included a blocked or runny nose, itchy and watery eyes and sore ears. It was worse at night and he used to wake every night at around 3am. Eventually he was diagnosed as being allergic to dust mite poo. I always slightly scoffed at people with a dust allergy, but having seen how ill it made my son, anyone with it has my total sympathy! So what can be done to relieve it? As it turns out, lots of things, and these have made a massive different to my son so might be worth a try.  
Dust mites are most prevalent in bedrooms where we shed most of our skin as we sleep, and this is the room my son was most unwell, so it's where I targeted. 
1. Buy a protective cover for your mattress, pillow and duvet that can absorb the dust mites but not let them out again in to the atmosphere. You can buy these from John Lewis and Amazon and they are not too expensive. 
2. Check the age of your mattress and pillows. If they are more than a few years then you may need to invest in new ones. My son had my 90 year old granny's mattress and I think this was a very large part of the problem! I imagine it was infested with dust mites! You can buy specific anti allergen mattresses, again from John Lewis and pillows too.
3. Fold back your bed covers right back as soon as you get out of bed. Dust mites thrive in warm humid environments and this is your bed just after you have got out of it! Leave the bed to air like this for as long as possible. 
4. Hoover the bed and pillow and any other soft furnishings with a dust mite hoover. I bought one from Amazon and it was expensive, but amazing and you will be shocked at how much dust it picks up!
5. Air the room during the day to keep it cool and dry. 
6. Use an air filter. This filters out all the allergens. Available from Amazon for around £60
7. There are anti - allergens sprays and detergent additives you can buy - but do check the ingredients as some contain rather strong pesticides which I don't feel happy exposing my son to. 
8. Wash bed linen on at least 60 degrees celcius which will kill the mites, as will a high heat on the tumble dryer. 
9. Keep soft furnishings to a minumum. Any flat surface will collect dust mites, including rugs etc. 
These measures have really helped my son, but they still don't help you then you will need to take antihistamines and nasal sprays - check with your doctor. 

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