Why not switch to a greener energy supplier...

Want to switch to a greener energy supplier but worried it's going to be alot of hassle and take up alot of time?! Then try BULB! It literally took me under a minute to make the switch and really couldn't have been easier!

Why BULB? After hearing good things about them, I did a bit of my own research and was impressed! Here are a few details about them. 

1) Bulb Energy offers just one tariff with 100% renewable electricity and 10% renewable gas.

2) Bulb says it’s ‘making energy simpler, cheaper and greener’

3) Compared with other ‘green’ energy suppliers, its variable tariff is usually among the cheaper deals available in England, Scotland and Wales.

4) It doesn’t charge exit fees.

5) Bulb Energy says it keeps prices low by investing in technology to reduce costs.

6) It has grown quickly and now has 870,000 customers.

7) It has excellent customers service and five star reviews.

Here is a link to do it via, and as I say, it literally took under a minute!  www.bulb.me/lucyd5669. Good luck! x


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