My top 4 sleep tips

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As we all know, a good nights sleep is EVERYTHING! Having suffered from insomnia in the past, here are five things that really help me. 

  1. Use an eye mask. To me this is a must! I never sleep without one, I can't! It helps keeps your eyes closed, and keeps it dark, so even more important in summer months. I have used many in the past, but this is one by Drowsy is my absolute favourite, it's like sleeping in a cocoon and you don't end up with a tight elastic band round your eyes!
  2. Use a good mattress topper. I have tried loads and this one by Panda is by far and away the very best. It's like sleeeping on a cloud! Love it. 
  3. Play white noise. Apparently the frequency of it is very calming for the brain, plus it helps mask other noise that might wake you up, like traffic or aeroplanes. You can download a white noise app, or use an old fashioned fan. 
  4. Take magnesium. This stuff is amazing! It helps your body make the chemicals that help you fall asleep. I like these tablets

If you want more tips, read a previous post by me here. 

Happy sleeping!

Lucy x